webMethods 9.7 Release Announcement
October 20, 2014

[Software AG is proud to announce the release of webMethods 9.7, which includes the launch of webMethods Integration Cloud, Software AG’s cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) product. ...

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What's new

File Access Control Configuration for the pub.file Services
[Demos Economacos] - October 26, 2014

[Does anyone know if there is a more efficient way than restarting the Integration Server every time a change is made to allowedReadPaths etc. to make the changes effective? ]

[M@he$h] - October 23, 2014

[Hmmmm......:) webMethods costs more :lol: ]

[Diane Estes] - October 23, 2014

[M@he$h, no we didn't ask for a trial copy or documentation...the cost was way too steep for us and we weren't too excited on how/what it does for you, we have other things we're wanting to put our money into for WM at this time.]

[Mangat Rai] - October 23, 2014

[at least now we get free trail license for IS. hope for the best...]

[M@he$h] - October 23, 2014

[Thats bad :( Forget it.... Thanks]