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Apr 24, 2014 -  Now available: webMethods Module 9.0 for AS4

Software AG is pleased to introduce the webMethods Module 9.0 for AS4. Built on top of the webMethods product suite, the webMethods Module for AS4 extends webMethods capabilities to provide an implementation of the AS4 ebHandler conformance profile specified in the AS4 Profile. The module facilitates the secure exchange of messages, independent of payload type, across your trading network.

The webMethods Module for AS4 provides the following key features:

Apr 23, 2014 -  Announcing the General Availability of EntireX 9.6 Release

Software AG is pleased to announce the general availability of EntireX 9.6. The main feature is EntireX 9.6 on z/VSE.


In addition there are:


  • Support on z/VSE 5.1 and z/VSE 5.2
  • Simplified project handling in EntireX workbench
  • More descriptive documentation
  • Support for Software AG Update Manager (SUM)
  • webMethods Suite 9.6 compatibility
Apr 14, 2014 -  webMethods 9.6 Release Announcement

Software AG is proud to announce the release of webMethods 9.6, providing several enhancements that help make the webMethods Suite the easiest Integration and Process Automation platform to configure, manage and use on the market today.


Here are the key highlights of this release:

  • Multi-instance Integration Server: The Integration Server now allows you to configure multiple instances within the same installation. This means you can now run multiple instance of the Integration Server without having to install the product multiple times. Each instance can be separately started/stopped and configured, and can have its own set of custom packages.
  • Template-based Installations: webMethods Command Central configuration and large-scale installation tasks are simplified and streamlined through the use of templates that can be created from existing installations and applied to new installations.
  • B2B Asset Caching: The processing of transactions in webMethods Trading Networks has become faster through the use of asset caching.
  • Mobile Data Synchronization: A new feature of webMethods Enterprise Gateway, called webMethods Mobile Support, provides a mobile data synchronization framework for developers to create offline mobile applications that can access distributed data managed by backend ERP applications. Mobile Support provides built-in support for synchronization logic, thereby allowing developers to focus on developing the business logic.
  • webMethods BPMS Stage and Milestone Dashboards: webMethods Optimize for Process now provides stage and milestone dashboards which will allow users to set goals and milestones for a process and track these via email alerts for SLA violations and process and stage exceptions.
  • Mobile Task Inbox: With the introduction of webMethods Mobile Task Integration, developers can now quickly create applications based on existing business processes and tasks, with minimal code, and build most of their mobile task projects out of the box. Developers can then distribute and monitor their Mobile Task Inbox applications using the webMethods Mobile Administrator push notification API.
  • Broker to Universal Messaging Migration Utility: For existing webMethods customers who want to migrate to Universal Messaging usage throughout the suite, this new utility automates the process of moving existing webMethods Broker configuration setting such as brokers, queues, and JNDI settings from webMethods Broker to Universal Messaging.
  • Improved webMethods BPMS Process Audit and Monitoring Performance: To improve the throughput of the Process Engine and improve the performance of webMethods Monitor, this release adds caching to the Process Engine audit database, reduces the number of direct hits to the database.

In addition to these, webMethods 9.6 includes many product enhancements across the webMethods suite. For more details, please see the webMethods 9.6 Release Notes.


webMethods Product Management
Software AG

Feb 04, 2014 -  IE10 Support with webMethods 9.0 products

Software AG is pleased to announce IE10 browser support for webMethods 9.0 products. Please review the updated System Requirements document for more details.


Best regards,
On behalf of the webMethods team at Software AG

Dec 20, 2013 -  Announcing release of Language Packs for webMethods 9.5

Software AG is pleased to announce the general availability of webMethods 9.5 Language Packs for the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew          
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

For more information before installing the language packs, please visit the Globalization section at Empower 

For more product information, please read Release Notes 9.5.

Nov 20, 2013 -  webMethods Integration: Help us shape our cloud integration roadmap

Your input to our roadmap is needed!


Go to this survey  to shape our cloud integration roadmap. At the end of this 9 min survey, you can opt into an iPad Mini draw.

Nov 19, 2013 -  Release Announcement of webMethods ActiveTransfer 9.0 Language Packs

Software AG is pleased to announce the general availability of webMethods ActiveTransfer 9.0 Language Packs for the following languages:

Nov 15, 2013 -  Announcing Release of webMethods 9.5 GA

Software AG is proud to announce the release of webMethods 9.5, another significant step in combining cloud, mobile and social technologies with automated business processes and the agility needed to fully utilize the Digital Enterprise. 

Here are the key highlights of this release:

  • Elastic ESB. For the first time, customers can dynamically scale their implementations into private and public clouds. This provides the ability to handle peak demands and quickly add new capacity without down time or manual intervention.
  • Robust API platform. Expose business capabilities or unique data via APIs securely for innovative cloud, web, and mobile applications.
  • Social BPM. The webMethods BPMS solution now provides guidance tools to help users manage, delegate, and complete tasks more effectively and efficiently. With Social BPM, tasks can be tagged so that expert resources can be identified and work can be routed to the best expert available.
  • Mobile BPM. Users can now remotely monitor in-progress processes using a pre-built mobile business process monitoring application. Aggregated views of process instances give instant insight into stalled or failed processes, providing the ability to graphically visualize the failure step to identify and respond to problems in real time.

In addition to these, webMethods 9.5 includes many product enhancements across the webMethods suite.   

For more details, please see the webMethods 9.5 Release Notes 

Oct 25, 2013 -  TECHniques - Issue 3, 2013

The latest issue of TECHniques themed Powering the Digital Enterprise is available online and in print


Visit the TECHniques blog to comment and rate the articles.

Sep 26, 2013 -  Innovation World 2013 – Last Chance to Register

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