webMethods 9.7 Release Announcement
October 20, 2014

[Software AG is proud to announce the release of webMethods 9.7, which includes the launch of webMethods Integration Cloud, Software AG’s cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) product. ...

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Re:Error : Upload for execution of process
[sarat] - October 10, 2011

[Hi QuocCuong, I am facing same issue too. what did you do to resolve it? Thanks, Sarat]

Remove Space in XML
[Kumaar] - August 19, 2011

[Hi, to remove space in an xml through webmethods is there any built in service.Your help is appreciated thanks Kumar]

SQL search query with Search Bar or Search Result table type
[Rupesh Chakole] - August 19, 2011

[I am working with AG Software designer(8.2) can anybody please explain me how to integrate SQL search query with Search Bar OR Search Result type portlet. Thanks in Advance. Rupesh chakole]

Software Eclipse installation
[Daryl] - May 25, 2011

[I am wondering why the ANT scripting and run tool has been disabled by Software AG on its Eclipse 3.6 installation. I have tried installing Eclipse after the Software AG Eclipse installation, and the ANT is still disabled. ...

Re: How can we geenrate excel file?
[LC] - April 11, 2011

[Hi. I have downloaded the POI zip. How do I install it on the IS?]