Announcing Release of Language Packs for webMethods 9.7
November 06, 2014

[Software AG is pleased to announce the general availability of webMethods 9. ...

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Re:Error INOXHE8202 after installing Tamino 9.7
[Heinz Kreuder] - November 24, 2014

[Hi, there are many pitfalls in setting up IIS for Tamino. From the error message alone it is not possible to to spot the root cause, more information about the configuration is needed to find the reason for the problem. ...

Error INOXHE8202 after installing Tamino 9.7
[Jan-willem De Koning] - November 24, 2014

[Hi, I tried to install a Tamino database with an IIS web server. But I can't connect to my database. I’ve received the following error message when browsing to the following URL: http://localhost/tamino/SDU? ...

Empty name when loading the schema from the server
[Javier Fraga] - October 15, 2014

[Hello, I am using Software AG Tamino Schema Editor Version 8.2.2 and when I load the schema from de database the name of the elements is empty. If I look at the Code loaded I can see that it is not complete. ...

Re:Tamino Documentation Online
[Wolfgang Winter] - July 28, 2014

[Javier, even with the new link the documentation will NOT be accessible without Empower credentials, but the documentation can be downloaded and hosted internally to get around this requirement.]

Re:Tamino Documentation Online
[Javier Fraga] - July 28, 2014

[Thanks Wolfgang, but I have not a Empower Account. I suppose that the Systems Dept of the company has one. I will contact with them, and I will ask to repair the broken link to the Doc that I can see in Tamino Interactive Interface :wink: Bye.]