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Welcome to the Member Zone where you can find all community programs and initiatives that provide additional benefits to TECHcommunity members. Explore these opportunities and start participating today

Recognition Program

Earn points and build your social equity whenever you contribute blog posts, code samples, articles, tutorials, videos or forum posts and when other members recognize ("like") your contributions.

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The TECHchallenge

Earn additional bonus points when you contribute content that we designate each quarter in our TECHchallenge. TECHchallenge topics are announced in TECHnews. Make sure you read it.

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Become a Guru

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As a TECHcommunity member you get your free copy of:


TECHniques is a quarterly newsletter where well-known experts share their insights into the latest developments and hottest topics of the Software AG product portfolio as well as hands-on technical tips and tricks

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The Community Newsletter, issued on quarterly basis, with latest updates on what has been hapening in the community.

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