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Empower Access - FAQs

Created by TECHcommunity team, last modified on Mon, 17 Sep 2018, 11:23

If you are a Software AG customer or partner with an active Empower ( account you can access TECHcommunity assets with it, instead of creating a new account. 

How can I login to the TECHcommunity with my Empower account? #

You have two options:

1. In the right corner of the TECHcommunity/TECHforum navigation click sign in. If you login to the TECHcommunity for the first time you will need to reset your password. Just enter the email address you are registered in Empower with here and follow the link from the email you will receive.

2. Login to Empower ( with your credentials -> click Communities in the navigation -> click one of the links to TECHcommunity/TECHforum. You will be redirected and signed in automatically.

I'm trying to login to the TECHcommunity with my Empower username/password, but get "Login attempt failed". What's wrong? #

Your empower password won't work the first time you try to login in the TECHcommunity directly. Please use the "Lost password feature" and then set your password in the TECHcommunity account.

Will changes to my TECHcommunity account affect my Empower profile? #

No, if you change/reset your password in TECHcommunity, your password for Empower ( won't change.

I changed my email address and cannot login now. Any idea what is going wrong? #

Changing your TECHcommunity account's email address doesn't have effect on Empower. User emails are not connected and the change will not be propagated to other systems such as an Empower.

To fix this: We can recommend you restore the older email address associated with your TECHcommunity account and make sure it matches your Empower one 

I get an error when trying to login to TECHcommunity. What should I do? #

If the error message states:

**JOSSO 2 by Atricole**
An error occurred while processing your request
Status: Unknown error
Details: No suitable Subject Name Identifier

Such a behavior is usually observed when you have logged in to  Empower first and then access the TECHcommunity but your initial Empower session has meanwhile expired.

To fix this: Log in to Empower again and access the TECHcommunity anew.

Different error message

Clear the cookies on your browser, restart it and try again.

Please contact us if the login problem persists with you

I’ve noticed that my posts appear under different names. What can I do? #

Such a behavior might be observed if you have two TECHcommunity accounts—one that is your initial TECHcommunity account and the other one registered with your Empower email address. 

This can be avoided by changing the email address of your TECHcommunity account to the Empower one so that the single sign on will work correctly. After that all of your posts will be merged under the account you wish to preserve and the other one will be deactivated. Contact us if that is the case

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