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How to add content - Advanced Guide

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Table of Contents

1. Formatting Styles

2. Add images

3. Content Tips & Tricks

Tips, Tricks and Code Advanced Guide

After you learned How to Add Content to the Tips, Tricks and Code section you may want to create content that is appealing and easy to digest. All of the listed settings below are accessible through the Tips, Tricks and Code Editor.



1. Styles

Using different styles will help you guide the reader through an article. You can select different styles when editing an article from the menu on top of the editor.

1.1 Headings

Indicate what a section or a paragraph is about.
Headings help the readers get back on track if they got lost in the content.

  • In the Tips, Tricks and Code section we recommend you use <H2> for main sections of your article
    – make them informative and keep them brief.
    Also, we use <H3> when we want to list references to useful sources. We overall rarely use <H1>.

1.2 Add Programming Code to your articles using one of the two approaches (or combine them both):

  • Write your code in a single cell table – this way the content of the code will be easy to distinguish from the main article
  • Use Preformatted Text from the Styles menu in order to make it appear as a Computer Code

1.3 Info, Alert or Error Message

Styles to mark certain parts of the article.

Alert message example


Error message example


Info message example

2. Add images

To add an eye-catching element to the content of your article and make your post more visually appealing. It can help improve the readability as well.

  • Once you add a picture as an attachment to the article you can link to it via the Image button from the top menu of the article editor.
  • Paste a link to the attachment in the URL field.
  • In the Width and Height fields, you can set a custom size of the image. We recommend you keep the padlock icon locked  – this way you will keep the aspect ratio of the image and it won’t distort.
  • From the Link tab, you can set a URL that readers will follow on click.

Advanced Actions

3. Content tips

 Following are some advanced tips and tricks on how to use the editor:

3.1 Add Attachment

Once you have saved as Draft or published your article you will have to use the Attachments tab to control attached files.
From the Attachments tab you can Add Attachments, Remove Attachments or just Copy URL after right-clicking on a file (i.e. to use further as an image)

3.2 Rename an article

Go to the Details tab when editing.
Under Advanced Actions choose Move and now you can specify the New Title of your article.

3.3 History tab

It gives you access to the previous versions of a given article.
You can choose to revert to an old version if needed or just see how the content evolved.

3.4 Delete Article

From the Details tab in the editor - Advanced Actions - select the button Move to the Recycle Bin.
If you need to restore an article from the Recycle Bin email us


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