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Post code on GitHUB

Created by TECHcommunity team, last modified on Wed, 8 Apr 2020, 15:35

If you would like to share a piece of code with the community please choose the right place for it:

Post to the TECHcommunity

Post your code on Github

  • You would like to share a small piece of code
  • You would like to share a code sample or tool that you have developed
  • You do not have a Github account or haven't used GitHub before


  • You are active on GitHub or plan to start contributing to GitHub
Post your code here, to the Tips, Tricks and Code section - here is more information on how to to do so

If you are a Software AG employee contact us for more information and let us know your Github username


If you are a TECHcommunity member who contributes to Github Let us know the repository you would like to share and we would check how to make it available on the TECHcommunity.

We will make sure we give you social equity points afterwards


Introduction to GitHub

This is an introduction video on GitHub and Software AG's presence there. It explains what GitHub is, how it works and how to use Software AG projects residing there.