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System requirements

For information on the system requirements please refer to the Software AG System Requirements

Guide to Downloading and installing the Mobile Suite Free Trial Version

1. Download the ZIP file with the installer, image and license files based on your operating system.

Files for WINDOWS based installation  Files for Mac OS X based installation
1. SoftwareAGInstaller20181016.exe 1. SoftwareAGInstaller20181016.dmg
2. 2.
3. LicenseFile_Mobile_Designer_Win_103.xml 3. LicenseFile_Mobile_Designer_Mac_103.xml

2. In order to run the installer on your system, you must have system administrator privileges. 

3. Once you launch the installer SoftwareAGInstaller20181016, select Advanced Options... from the Welcome Panel and go to the Images tab as shown below. 

4. Check Use installation image and select Install from image. Then select the appropriate image file by clicking the Browse… button. 

  • Select the image file for Windows 
  • For a Mac OS X based installation, select

5. Once you have selected the appropriate image file, click on Validate Image to ensure the image you downloaded is not corrupt. This may take a few minutes, but once it is complete you can proceed.

Proceed to the next step by clicking OK.

6. From the Welcome panel, click the Next > button and accept the default or specify a different Installation directory, confirm the Hostname or IP address of the machine you are installing on and the Start Menu group name for the webMethods installation. 

Click Next > to proceed.

7. Select all products and click Next > as shown below.


Mac OS X:

8. Read the license agreement and indicate whether you accept the terms. To read the third-party license agreements, you need Internet access. If you do not have Internet access, you can go to a machine that has Internet access and enter in a browser.

9. Proceed with the Installation by providing the License key file for Mobile Designer. Select LicenseFile_Mobile_Designer_Win_103.xml for Windows and LicenseFile_Mobile_Designer_Mac_103.xml for Mac OS X.

Click Next > to proceed. On the next page press Next > again.

10. Product installation will start. The installer installs the products and related items and then displays the installation complete panel. Close installer.

11. Now you can start Designer to start to work with Mobile Designer. To do this open the Mobile Development perspective by clicking on Window>Perspective>Open Perspective>Other>Mobile Development.

12. Optionally you can import a Mobile Designer example project that is provided with your installation. To do this, start Designer and select File > New > Example to open a list of example wizards.

Then select Software AG Mobile Solutions > The Cocktails App and press Next>.  

Select the project Cocktails and press Next to create this example project in your workspace. This project will appear in your Mobile Development perspective in Designer.

There are further sample projects included in your installation. Please check section Sample Projects Provided with Mobile Designer in the document Using webMethods Mobile Designer for instructions how to include them into your workspace.

13. Install at least one SDK supported by Mobile Designer (for Android, iOS or Windows Phone). The setup process is described in detail starting at page 31 in the document 
10-3_Using_Mobile_Designer.pdf, which is contained in the documentation folder of your download.

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