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How to add a new article to the Tips, Tricks and Code?

  • To add a new wiki page to the Tips, Tricks and Code, navigate to the home page of the section
  • Click Add New

I have just added a page to the Tips, Tricks and Code. How can I find it?

To visit the wiki page you have created, click on "Recent Changes"  in the top menu of the Tips, Tricks and Code. On the following page, you will see the latest entries listed on top of the page.

Another option is to search for the page - to do so, enter the term you are looking for and then hit enter or click on the Read button

How to add attachments?

You can upload attachments to an article before you publish it and after that. Here are the steps to follow to add an attachment:

1.   Start creating a new page (a) or edit an existing one (b)

a.   Adding an attachment to a New Page
You can add the attachment when you create an article, just by drag and drop to the field under the WYSWYG editor

b.   Adding an attachment to already existing page or Draft page
Click on the Attachments tab and use the button Add Attachments

Can I replace attachment in a wiki article?

Yes, if you are the author of the article, you can. To do so you will need to delete the attachment you want to replace and then upload a new one with the same name. Just follow these steps:

1.   Login to TECHcommunity and visit the page you wish to edit

2.   Click on  Attachments tab

3.   Allocate the attachment you want to replace and click on Delete to remove it. Upload the new attachment with the same name

How can I comment an article?

If you want to comment on an article please, follow these steps:

  • go to the bottom of the page
  • allocate the option Comment
  • click on the link to open the field where you can add and post your comment

Can I preview my page while I am editing it?

Yes -- on the Edit page, select the Preview check button at the bottom of the editing frame. A preview version of your page appears immediately on top of the page.

Can I subscribe for email notifications on new wiki articles?

Yes, you can. To do so just follow these steps:

  • select the Details option available in the top right-hand side corner of a random wiki page(s)
  • then, find the section Email Subscription, and select the desired option:
    • subscribe to this page
    • subscribe to this wiki (this will subscribe you to all Tips, Tricks and Code updates and new articles)

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